Latest android update

duanra 3 years ago updated by Julien Guerin 3 years ago 2

For the most part it is great ! The interface is better, the gif format are now hi res, lots of good stuffs.

However there is something which is too bad is that it became a bit laggy. Specially when you want to zoom in and zoom out, it is not fluid anymore. And I am working with a Galaxy note pro.

Also, i just noticed that now the pen is skipping and the pen setting resets every time you leave a project and you come back. I have the system 4.4.

So overall great improvements but the ease of use is seriousely affected by those problems. Hopefully it is something you guys can work out.

-hey guys people want sound in the app for 2 years, the layers are not desynchronised yet, and it's not possible to affect a lenght to a frame. I suggest to make a more beautifull interface to look better in the app store.

-Yes ! !!! Lets change the interface we are genius ! !!