Drawing and erasing tools move too quick

Grant Parker 3 years ago in iOS updated by Vishwajeet 2 years ago 9

Idk how to explain it but is it harder to draw with the new app? For me the drawing and erasing tools move too quick.

Under review

Hey, can you provide more info here? Like the actual drawing is too responsive? Or the size changing is too fast? More info would be awesome thanks!

Well when I draw or erase the tools are too responsive and they miss judge how far I want them to go sometimes, also I would love to have an update where I can use photos as a background. Thanks

Not sure if you can, but a video showing the issue could help us. I'm very interested to see what you are seeing to see if we can improve or change. Thanks!

I want to use a background video,easily duplicate,save work, adding audio(iCloud.itune.voice.etc),effects recorder(if u want),also image as background... I will add some info after:3

Hey, please post a new topic with your suggestions. Let's keep this post about the posters topic. Thanks!

Idk if there is an app for screen recorder:3

hey I have a YouTube channel and I need to Mack animations for it I fond flip a clip but it sad I need iOS 10

i love animating but on my iphone it requires ios 10 which is not supported can u help with it