Allow a cloud account to store projects

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Please allow a cloud account, while the progress can be saved on cloud. Sometimes, it may happen that phone gets formatted, saving work will be just like exporting a video. This will make work hectic.



Great idea! This is something we would love to do and it will come hopefully soon! Thank you for your suggestion.

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Hey, thanks for giving us your feedback. So what you are suggesting is something we are thinking about and planning to resolve. Currently, it isn't easy because of how we are storing your projects.

One thing you can do meanwhile is to backup your projects to a file. You can do that from the home page. Simply long press a project and press on the cloud icon.


I tried the long press thing, but you have to pay for it and thats dumb and makes me want to use another app. So please make an automatic back up to the cloud, because this is just very frustrating.

Nice To Have

An automatic backup would be really nice.

Please take a look at the following to save your projects to email for now:



I'm wondering the same thing..

That is a great idea 0.0


Great idea! This is something we would love to do and it will come hopefully soon! Thank you for your suggestion.

woaah thats what i was thinking :D


it would be cool if you can sign in on an account I paid for all features but my phone broke so I was wondering if I could transfer my sketches and get back my paid features. 


i would even pay to get back my previous account. 

Please like and respond 🙏🏻

All the posts about accounts don't seem to get enough popularity as they should and the team at Flipaclip won't see it! 

Thank you! <3

Would probably require a monthly fee, as the developers would basically offer cloud storage for such a service.

As a current solution I found saving the project & sending that file via mail to myself pretty convenient!

oof this was 2 years ago

We have been really busy with a bunch of areas of the app and we will continue working on this as soon as possible. Sorry for taking so long! :( but this is definitely one of the planned features.


My phone and iPad are on the same account, and my animations will not transfer form where I started it on my phone to my iPad. So now I have to start over and it makes it difficult, because I have a YouTube deadline. Please make this fix.


Please check this post on how to transfer your projects to the new device: https://support.flipaclip.us/communities/1/topics/3512-how-to-backup-projects-or-transfer-them-to-another-device

Cloud saving option is not yet available on FlipaClip.




What account? I have signed in with different devices with the same account and they don't have the things I saved. Helppp.

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