Hey, i have a problem

Animator Studios 3 years ago in Android updated by Pikachu OS 1 year ago 2

  1. I have a Galaxy Note 3
  2. I am running Android Lollipop 5.0, security patch level 2016-09-01
  3. Well, I have had the Flip a clip for a few months now and suddenly, whenever I use my spin to draw, it all works fine. However, after using the spin for more than 30 seconds without touching my phone with my fingers, the screen becomes unresponsive to touch. To fix it temporarily, I have to use the spin to navigate and restart the phone. This never happens wiany any other drawing app.
  4. I open the app, select a project, and just start drawing with my spen, after that the screen does not react at all to any finger touches, just the Spen.

All the "spin"s were meant to be "Spen"

I haven't used the app before but, is there a palm rejection setting that is on in Flipaclip?