How come I can only get no more than 6 layers

Pancake 3 years ago in Android updated by Ralph 3 years ago 1
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Hello Pancake! FlipaClip caches most frequently used frames into memory for really fast access. However, when we reach a limit on the amount of memory that can be used things do get a little slower. The reason is that reading an image from file takes time. So the more layers you have the longer a frame will take to load. So when you have a lot of frames they can't all be cached so live previewing slows down.

We have done miracles with speed in this area and we aren't stopping there. We are currently working on new methods to further improve the app speed for this area. So with that in mind. We limit the number of layers for now since more layers means slower app performance. But this is something we are working on and will add more layers in the near future. Hope this helps!