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RAVtv Studios 5 years ago • updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 2 years ago 24
Please add a new design something modern and new and don't use a background, that'schildish and playful and frivolous



Hey guys so as you have noticed the new design has been finally completed! Only took a couple years... :P But this is the start now we have a baseline to start adding new features and further improve the app. Thanks for your feedback!

Hey! Kinda funny feedback, but completely understood. We are actually working on a new complete redesign for the big release v2. This new design will be modern with a minimalist design. We are already working on this and we hope to release this in the next few months.
I can't wait anymore!!! Are there no Screenshots? Can you send some?
Not yet! We are in the wireframe planning/review process. Getting all the juicy feature suggestions from you guys implemented and figuring out how to cram all of them into a simple elegant app. :)

What new things will be added in flipaclip?

For the background, that would be nice to have a white canevas available, although it is always possible to import one.
and maybe having the usable background stretching to the edge of the screen (top of the screen when the device is horizontal).

Next update we are adding the option to select a color as your background and potentially the canvas stretching the entire screen.
We have just release FlipaClip v1.4.2 which now provides background color options along with a bit of clean up on the design. However, we are still working on a new design.
Jona,...hang in there man! I've been watching the progress of this app from afar and I'm sure when you see the eager beavers out here pushing you for more and more, at times you may want to pull your hair out, but just be glad that you have people wanting more! It means that you are doing something right!  And,..you and your team are definitely on to something here! 

I don't own this app,..mainly because I haven't purchased a tablet yet,....when I do it will be a 17" or larger Android tablet.  What do your final animations export out to? Can they export out to MP4, AVI, or WMV? 
Thanks for the nice feedback. The export options are MP4 and GIF.
Great....maybe more export options later down the road.....(see,....everybody always wants more)
If I were to purchase a large tablet (14" screen or larger) will your app upsize ok? I mean will the GUI scale up ok without degradation or restrictions?
The app should scale fairly well. We still have UI touchups for this current design but everything should look and work fine. The app drawing engine is optimized to work well on any screen size.

do you know a 14' inches plus tablet which works on android ? I'll be interested.
Sure do,.....the HP Slate 17-I010 All in One ....running 4.4.2 Kit Kat

Also the 21" model:
21" Slate for Android

Wow, those things are huge! :) Did you get one? Let me know if you do and how things work for you.
I'm waiting on FlipaClip's next release with audio capabilities and additional timeline tools. Once that hits the market,..I may buy the big tablet to really see what it and I can do! LOL!
It's a bunch of months since this thread was started, I am wondering if there is any progress. One thing I thought would be great to add would be a thumbnail navigator when you are zoomed in, so you can work on small details while still seeing a larger preview, and be able to pan around. I hope that is clear.
Hey, yeah we got really bug down with work and recently had to partner with another company to help us out with the new design. We are trying to improve the app and make it even easier to use. This kinda takes a lot of time.

Thanks for sharing your idea. I'll write this on our requested features list.
it have been 7 months now! could you please give us some information, when the big release you promised to come out IN WINTER LAST YEAR(!!!) comes out? or how far you are? some screenshots? anything?`plz?
Hey, my brother is currently working on the new design. We started last year and do to his full time job he didn't have enough time to work on it. He is now actively working on the new design on his spare time and I can tell you the design will be minimal and use Material Design style. Minimal design is hard but we are working on it. We want the new design to go out yesterday but if everything goes well we will have initial design concepts released in the next 1-2 months.
Please it would be nice if I could get my background to be adjustable, like shift or change it all in the same movie
I love this app it's great and thank you.
Thanks for the request. It would be great if you posted in a new post as an idea so we can better track it. Thanks! :)
ok where do I go to do that

Just go to http://support.flipaclip.us/ and scroll down and right above the forum posts you will see a text input where you can type the title of your post. Once you hit "Add a new one" it will create a post and let you write details about the post.

Hey guys so as you have noticed the new design has been finally completed! Only took a couple years... :P But this is the start now we have a baseline to start adding new features and further improve the app. Thanks for your feedback!