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App crashing and glitchy

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Crashing when I scroll through the timeline, drawing on the frame, copy and paste, change layer, etc.

Recently, really only today, my flipaclip keeps crashing whenever I go through the timeline, copy and paste, change layers, and even when I’m drawing on a frame. I have enough storage on my iPad (I’m using iPadOS 13.1.1) so I don’t really know why? I am going to restart my iPad but otherwise, I have no idea why it keeps crashing.


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Not a bug


There are a couple of things that can cause this:

1. Please go to your device settings and check how much free space do you have on your device. If you are low on storage space this will cause the app to not work correctly. Essentially causing drawings to be lost and app to crash or become laggy. Please make sure to make some space on your device before you start drawing.

2. It can also be related to not enough RAM on your device. If you feel that your device is underpowered be sure to disable "Canvas Rotation" from under the FlipaClip settings, it should make FlipaClip much smoother for you. Also, be sure to exclude FlipaClip from battery optimization.

3. When you create a new project pick a smaller canvas size. Using a 1080p size will only make things slower. Bigger canvas size means more pixels that need to be loaded from storage.

4. Having lots of layers requires more images to load. If you aren't using some simply hide them or remove them.