iOS Release Date

Jalen BRAH!!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago in iOS updated by Olivia SweetieHeart 3 years ago 3
  • Tomorrow will be precisely 1 year since I opened android FlipaClip and I happened to misplace my tablet. May I ask what date the iOS version of the app will be released. Thank You and happy anniversary.

Hello Jalen! We do thank you for being a valued FlipaClip user. We're pushing very hard to have the iOS app ready early next year. We're still running some test and hopefully it would be all good before the release. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Happy Holidays!

Hi, looking forward the release and again congratulation on this excellent yet super cheap app if you consider the quality of the product.

Merry Christmas to all !

Hi! I used flipaclip for over a year. And I was wondering if you are going to put the app in iOS version for free. You said it would be released in December, and it is December 27th. What's going on