Co-op Mode

Dynamo LandShark 2 months ago 0

Hello! I would like to announce my idea of a co-op mode. Yes, many people love working by themselves, but I thought that if a group has the right idea and motivation, they should all be able to work on the exact same animation at once, and what better way to do it than in a user friendly, multi-user animation program. The flipaclip co-op mode would be activated within the animation settings. Once turned on, a code would be presented somewhere alongside the user’s screen. The user would, then, send this code to a friend/friends. These other users would then load up flipaclip, create a new animation, and enter the code in which they were given. It would possibly take a minute, but the cloud would pull through and pull up the entire animation. Then, if one user were to create a new frame and add artwork to it, everyone working on the project would see it. This would cause for easier group projects and an overall fun experience for friendly animators!