My video is missing when I try to make it to the movie. Almost all my drawing is vanished.

Qn. Alyh Listhesis 3 days ago in Android 0

When I finish my drawing perfectly, I want to make it the movie. But it's says "your storage is full" or something like that. I don't remember the specific one. Then I deleted some of in my gallery, deleted my WhatsApp chat, then move the flipaclip's folder from the internal storage to the SD card storage. After that, when I want to try make the movie again, all my drawings and pictures is gone. I try to restart my phone because I thought it may be need to refresh. But after restarting, it's still gone. And that project is a home work from my teacher. What can I do to make it come back instead of make a new one from the start?

please answer me, i't an urgent