GIF output quality

duanra 3 years ago updated by hopeii 2 years ago 3

I read the previous topics about the gif but I think the quality is still poor. The only way I found to have a good gif is to export the animation in mp4 and then convert it to the gif format with another app. Any chance to have an improvement on that?

Other than that I still think that flipaclip is the best animation app I know !


Hello Duanra! The GIF output size from FlipaClip is capped to 500x280. When you export MP4 video you get a full 1280x720. So when you are converting the MP4 video to GIF on your own you will get a much higher quality GIF since it will contain more pixels.

We are working on a much nicer build screen for FlipaClip. It will allow you to select what quality you want the GIF to come out as. Hope this helps!

hello! i recently made an animation and i dont know how to get it to a social media site in gif form. could someone help me?