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Audio not playing in animation

TheTrue SourLemon 3 months ago in iOS updated by Dusan Kolic 2 months ago 1

I honestly love FlipaClip. It’s one of my favorite apps and the only animation app that I use and recommend to others. But like everything it has a few flaws and this one is about the audio. On my IPad I add in my own audio and try to animate to the music but it bugs out. I’ll replay the animation to see how I’d done so far only for the music to not be working at all. I find it harder to finish something to work on and I usually have to wait an hour or two to get back on and only have 3 seconds of hearing the audio. I don’t care if you don’t fix this right away for no reason or if your swamped in other suggestions I just want this to be fixed and dealt with at some point. Take your time I understand that some things take longer than people want it to, and I don't wish to pester you, I just hope you take this into consideration.

Under review


Thank you for reaching out. Can you please answer the questions below so we can better understand the problem?

1. What is the FlipaClip version that you have? What device and iOS version?

2. When did this issue start?
3. Just to confirm. You add audio to your project but when you play the animation it will not play the audio although the video is fine? Then you exit the app, wait for an hour and it will play only 3 seconds of audio and rest of the animation plays without audio?
4. Please try to create a new blank project and just add some small audio file. Does it work there?

5. Is it fine when you create a movie out of that project?

6. Can you confirm that you have enough free space on your device? to add audio to your project?

Thank you,