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Aster 462 3 months ago in iOS updated by Dusan Kolic 2 months ago 3

I draw on the iPad 6 generations. I have a problem with frames. Well, I paid for the full version, I thought that there would be fewer bugs, but I made a mistake. For example, I copy something on a layer and want to transfer it to a new frame and add a new frame, but what I selected was automatically transferred to a new frame, which is wildly inconvenient

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Would you mind being slightly more specific about the problem you are having so we can better understand how to fix this? Please elaborate a bit more and tell us what exactly are you trying to do and what is happening.

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hmm try. in short, I draw on a layer and copy it. I decide to create a new frame and at the same time I have a copied area. when a frame is created, this area is automatically inserted into a new frame, although I did not click on a specific button.

Hello Aster,

Is it possible that you are clicking a wrong buton? When you copy the frame, the last icon that appears is to paste the copied frame, icon before that is to add a new blank frame.