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Error e-215 when trying to create new project

BlizzWhizz 5 months ago in iOS updated by Dusan Kolic 5 months ago 5

I was using flipaclip and I was adding some audio to my new project. Suddenly, my iPad just powered off and this happens when low battery. I turned it back on and went back to flipaclip and now all my projects are gone.

When I mad a new project, it showed e-215.

My iPad is an iPad Air 1 and the flipaclip’s version is 1.3.17

Under review

Hi BlizzWhizz,

We are really sorry to hear this has happened. 
Are you able to create new projects now or you are always getting e-215?



It shows the first part of making a project like the FPS, name and background but once I press create project, it shows e-215.


Please go to your device setting and check how much free space do you have. It is quite probably not letting you create new projects because you are low on storage space.



I have about 11.5 GB of space on my iPad so I don’t think that’s the problem. Also, is it possible for me to recover my files?


Unfortunately, if you have not manually backed up your projects previously there is no way to restore them now :(

At this point, I would suggest that you reinstall the app and see if that will solve the problem by creating new projects.