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Frames/layers Disappearing on Chromebook when playing

ILLICT 1 month ago in Android updated by Dusan Kolic 1 month ago 1

For some reason when I use my Chromebook to animate once I play the animation or the movie some frames or layers will not be there, but it always varies. Yet when I use my phone to animate it doesn’t have that problem, but it crashes once I work on that animation for a while. I think these are two problems that do need to be fixed but I understand that it may take a while to fix some other more major problems, these are just somethings I’m not the fondest of.

Under review


Are you saying that all your frames are there but when you press play to preview your animation it deletes some?
Does it happen with every project or only some of them?
Does it happen always or randomly?
Does it delete frames only or also a complete layer?