DemSpicyMemes BOIIIS 4 months ago in Android updated 4 months ago 0

Everytime I copy the audio and put that file in the audio thing, it cancels out the other audio i'm already using, and I can't undo that ever. That may sound confusing, but I do not know what it's called. This app is really glitchy and I do not understand wtf is up with this. I'm doing a really awesome project that is taking me FOREVER to finish and for some reason, I accidentally copy the audio instead of slicing it, causing the audio to not work. Now I have to re-do all the audio again and it will look off-sync. Why does this happen? I am so f###ing p##sed right now.

EDIT: I just realized that if the audio glitches out like that, there is no way I can make a backup out of my project.