New Options for Selection/Coloring Inside Selection?

AlexzaBernandez/TheArtistDope 8 months ago 0

Hey! I just thought it would be cool if there were some more options for the selection tool, so I’ve decided to post my ideas.

  Selecting Whole Areas

By this, I mean selecting areas that have been enclosed by drawn lines. Example: selecting the inside of a box. Then you could move it however you please while not disturbing the outline of the box. If this were to be added, it would be neat if you could change the option from canvas to layer. Canvas, meaning selecting the inside of whatever’s visible on the canvas, and layer, meaning selecting whatever’s visible on the layer.

It would also be cool if you could select multiple things at once. 

  Coloring Selected Areas

Another feature that would be an amazing addition would be coloring in selected layers. Like being able to color in, erase or fill in with the bucket tool in the area that’s selected.