Deleted drawings >:(

Puppy Sprinkelz 3 months ago in iOS updated by AlexzaBernandez/TheArtistDope 3 months ago 1


   For atleast 2 TIMES now after I finish drawing something, IT DELETES MY HARD WORK! I get so mad when it happens! I even cry because I even skipped breakfast one time JUST TO DRAW IT! Today got the app again after my mental breakdown yesterday, and GEUSS WHAT? IT DELETED IT AGAIN!! I am seriously just going to use another app for animation if I can’t find out a solution to fix this! ITS SO ANNOYING! Luckily, it’s only happened with ONE FRAME drawings, like a a

Quick sketch or something. If we’re to happen with my ANIMATIONS..then, I would just just straight up Break my phone In anger. Please please PLEASE help me! I begging you!!!

Annoyed/sad Animator >:”( 

Hey! I’m no FlipaClip official or anything, but I’d like to help. How much storage do you have on your iOS device? If you are running out of space, that might be the issue, since that happens to me when I am low on storage.