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Problem with premium

eeriksson 6 months ago in Android updated by Dusan Kolic 6 months ago 11

Doesn't work unblocking of premium version. Error. Please check it

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Could you please elaborate your issue a bit more? What is the exact error that you have with premium?

after i press button "to know more about premium" i see next - "ups! At the moment access to the Premium unavailable. E - 1043

Did you buy premium features before?

I think i did but i don't see it. How can i know it? Other problem - how i can open my project from my cloud? There is no way to open any files exept the device


1. In regards to seeing if you purchased already  check here and let me know if you see FlipaClipin the purchase history: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/2850369?hl=ru 

2. Could you please elaborate a bit more what do you mean by opening your project from the cloud?



1. Thank you for your advice. I see your program in my purchases (31.05.19)

2. I'd like to save my project to my cloud (or send by email) and open on other device but there is no one possibility to choose in menu the source of files. On other device I have to create a new project from zero. Or there is a variant that i didn't notice?


This has probably happened because you have removed/changed a Google Play account that made the purchase before you updated the app.

To resolve the issue you must sign out of all other Google Play accounts and be signed only into the one that made the purchase, then clear the cache and data of google play and enter the app. 

Check this link on how to clear cache and data of Google Play Store app: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7513003?hl=en


In the future, we are going to have a cloud account saving option but for now, you need to export your project to .fc file and then email it to the other device. Please check here on how to do that: https://support.flipaclip.us/communities/1/topics/3512-how-to-backup-projects-or-transfer-them-to-another-device

i did all that is written in instructions but it doesn't work. I don't see premium functions

and i didn't change my play market account

Let's do this please so we can better understand what happened.

1. Go to your Google Play store app;

2. Go to app settings by clicking on the hamburger icon (top left of your screen).

3. Take a screenshot of that screen and attach it here.



Hi Ernst,

Could you please send me a purchase receipt on support@visualblasters.com? You should have it on your email.