Recover projects after moving FlipaClip to SD card

Juanpi 8 months ago in Android updated by Dusan Kolic 3 weeks ago 3 2 duplicates

A todos aquellos que quieran recuperar los proyectos que no se pueden abrir por haberlo pasado a la SD tienen que haber copiado todo las carpetas en android de com. vblast.flipaclip .

To all those who want to recover the projects that can not be opened because they have passed it to the SD they must have copied all the folders in com android.vblast.flipaclip

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Please try below:

1. Restart your device and see if projects are back.

2. Move FlipaClip back to Internal memory and try to open projects then.

3. Copy com android.vblast.flipaclip from Internal storage to SD card.