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All project gone

Luna Stafford 7 months ago in iOS updated by Dusan Kolic 7 months ago 3

So, i was opening flipaclip, and when i decided to add a file, my Ipad Air decided to just randomly start up again, and ALL of my projects are gone! There were Some projects om there that i needed to finish for a MAP and now they are all gone! Fix this! Edit: it gives error 215 when I try to make a movie. I have no clue why!

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We are really sorry that you lost your projects but unfortunately, if you haven't backed them up manually there is no way to restore them.

Can you please make sure that you have enough free space on your device? That might be the reason why your projects got deleted and also the reason why you are not able to export animation to a movie - there is not enough free space on your device to save the movie.



i’m using a ipad air, so it can’t be the storage space. I only use my ipad for flipaclip and ibisPaint and further there are no apps on my device.as all of my projects are gone anyways, do you think it’ll work to redownload the app to get the error off my screen? 

Thanks, Luna Stafford 

Maybe animations from FlipaClip and ibis Paint are taking too much space? Please check under your device settings how much space are you left with and let me know :)

About the error message when you try to make a movie, please create a completely new project, only draw one line and try to make a movie. Does that work?