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"Account authentication failed. Please log in again" when uploading to Youtube

simsung01 8 months ago in Android updated by Dusan Kolic 3 weeks ago 3

I have a Samsung Galaxy A6 2016 tablet

I'm on Android

I switched to another account, tried to upload a video, and while sending the video to the channel it failed because "Account authentication failed. Please log in again".

I expected it to upload the video to the channel.

To reproduce it, log out of your account and log into a new one, then upload a video.

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Hi simsung01,

Can you please try this: Log out of the current account, log back into the first one and try to upload with that one.

Let me know if the issue is still the same.



same here my acc got deleted so I made new one I tried to upload a animation to you tube from flips clip and says account authentication failed.

maybe because the account that got deleted will delete in 28 days? That's what it said when it was gonna delete


Please go to FlipaClip settings and under Accounts log out from YouTube. Then try again.