lasso tool bug

Younes Kaffashian 4 months ago updated by Dusan Kolic 3 months ago 4

Under review


Would you mind being slightly more specific about the problem you are having so we can better understand how to fix this? 

What issue do you have with the lasso tool?

Thank you,


i am sorry, I can't speak English well.

my problem is, for example: i want to select a part of my paint with lasso tool and after that copy the selected part to the next frame. But when i select the part with lasso tool, tha line of the selected gets white. It seems like tha lasso tool , erase the line that i selected, like the screenshot that i sended to you. I hope that i can tell you the problem clear. Thanks a lot

please try to selected a part with lasso on for example black frame and after that you can see what happened on it. 


I was able to reproduce the issue on my side and I see the problem. I will forward it to the developers so they can take a look.

Thank you very much :)