How to add audio/sound/music to your animation?

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Hey, check this video that shows you how to add music to your animations:

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@Jona, update on iOS testing?


The audio feature review looks really nicely done. I saw in the description it says iOS beta coming soon. Please include me in that pool when you open it. Thanks!

So any new update of estimated time? 1 month 2, 3? just wondering


What Date is Flipaclip Audio Update gonna be Released?

Hey Guys, one last time increasing another 500 spots and that's the limit... Thank you for your support!


thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!



How far is an equivalent beta for iOs?

If everything goes right we expect some time towards the end of this month.

Do you use TestFlight for iOS beta testing? If so, how do I get in on that. Already on TestFlight :)

It’s been two monthes, man. What happened? :/


We are currently beta testing audio feature on Android. Soon we will also provide beta version on iOS. To stay up to date on any news, make sure to follow us on our social media accounts or follow this post:


can i be a tester my email is galaticbee2@gmail.co.

why must time go so slow..

You know, this interface for audio looks so easy and intuitive. It'd be cool if you could use Flipaclip just for audio tracks, and be able to export out just the finished audio mix. I know on iOS you can use Lumafusion for multitrack audio stuff with video, but this Flipaclip demo looks easier.

I'm thinking it'd be great if I could just bring in a lowres 480p version of a 4k video source, use Flipaclip to easily add sound clips, export just the audio mix, then add the mix back into my 4k video edit in Lumafusion. Or, export audio straight out of Flipaclip via "open in" and move it directly into Lumafusion. 

Seems like you guys got the audio update open. Satisfies me 😊


Yes very good already had a play with it and it follows the same ease of use as the animation side.I like that you can scrub through animation and hear the audio even if you scrub in reverse.Anyone use to touch controls will find it intuitive.

Dear Jona, 

                   I downloaded the flipaclip app and updated it but there is no audio button. :( Can you please tell me what to do? 


It's the very bottom left,a musical note symbol.

Check again... The update was rolled out in stages so not everyone got the update. Now everyone should have the update available in Google Play.


Well guys... We have finally done it! Audio feature is officially fully rolled out to all Android users! 

iOS users hang on tight, we are working all out on it! 

Any Android bugs with audio please post a new topic thanks!!!


Awesome!!! How long do you think it will take? Just the estimation :)

Estimations never go as planned... :( But I'm certain that this month it will be completed. We are 80% done. Just getting ready for beta testing which we will announce next week if possible.


Awesome!!! Its ok if they never go as planned. I will patiently wait because I really love the flipaclip community and I know you guys are trying your best to get everything done for everyone. Flipaclip is probably the best animation app too for mobile devices! Thank you guys so much for everything! This app literally changed my life. Can’t wait for beta testing! Hopefully I don’t miss the chance. :)


When should we expect this for iOS ?


Not yet available but we are getting close to release for iOS users. Hang on tight!

Here is a post tracking progress of iOS.



iOS beta will be through testflight?

I have been added to test FlipaClip app in my testflight already in the past, so is listed there already.

Should I expect that to be updated for the new version, or should I request a newer invitation from you ?

Keep us posted!


Can’t wait to get the updated invitation for the new version to beta test!


Hi I have a kindle fire with flipaclip and I was wondering if you could either make a video on how to add audio or add the audio option to the app. If so that would be amazing! 

Thank you!


Hi Sammy again! I was just looking through the forum when I realized I may have downlowed this applet a bit diffrent. I got it threw the app store on my kindle instead of through google play. Don you think that would have effected my chance of getting the audio update? 

Thanks a million!

We are working on a much needed update for Amazon AppStore. There are various differences that prevented us from doing so. Expect an update soon! :)

Oh my gosh thank you!

You don't know how happy I am!😆

is there beta testing for flipaclip iOS? Looking forward to the update~

For some reason when I first put the audio in it sounds fine but when it actually uploads it sound weird and choppy, I've tried messing with the fps and even how fast the audio plays and nothing seems to fix it

when is it coming out to iOS?? Please atleast give teasers or clues. I WANT TO KNOW WHEN IT’S GOING TO COME OUT

Thank you! I just successfully updated the app and got the audio thanks so much!😀

I wanna know when the audio feature comes out for iOS

Keep an eye Thursday April 26th!

Ready for test on IOS (from facebook group.)


i have test flight

ok, i got a notification saying i can use it for iOS, but it went away immediately! How am i suppose to get it now??

@Maryam: go to their Facebook page and sign up with your Apple ID through their link... and then wait for email notification.

Hi, I listed my AppleID on the link you gave us. I’ve been waiting a while now,, I’m not rushing you to give me an email! I’m just curious as to when I’ll be getting it. A rough estimate would be great. Best of luck to you guys!

Thanks for your hard work. I hope the update is ready soon for iOS. I am looking forward. Thanks

Got my iOS beta invite and have taken it for a little spin already. This is pretty freakin cool! And worth the wait :)

Really? I haven't got mine yet. :(

I just got an invite! I’ll check it out and tell you guys what I think

ok, so I git the notification on my phone but it just disappeared. Plus I went to Facebook but couldn’t find a link of any sort to get a email. I really want this feature, but have no clue how to get it!

I have an iPad. I don’t know how to get the Flipaclip audio update on my iPad. I can’t find the update button for Flipaclip on my App Store.

It's only out for beta testing at the moment for apple users. So don't worry, your iPad's working perfectly fine. Flipaclip is using TestFlight for beta testing, not the App Store.

How to become a beta tester: 

Go to this website. http://www.visualblasters.com/betatester.html

It explains everything from there. Hope this helps. :)

It said “NO MORE SUBMISSIONS ACCEPTED”. Why is that???

Right.. Well I guess you're a bit late then.. :/ Flipaclip can only have a limited amount of beta testers, sorry to say. But hopefully the official update will come soon for the people who might have missed out on becoming beta testers.. :)

Well, when is the update going to be officially launched?

Hey could you add special effects to it!?

Oh btw I've been adding audio to my FlipaClip son my iPad! You just need imovie

Sounds like that might work good for bg music or something that doesn’t require sync

I have an Android but I recently got a iOS I guess the waiting starts all over again..rip


Wow, finally after countless hours, days, months and even years of work the audio feature has been completed on iOS and Android! I really hope you all can enjoy it and use it to create some amazing animations. Finally, closing this post as completed! Thanks again for your support and patience.


Oh—MY GOSH! Thank you guys so much! This will hopefully make my life and channel better! This is amazing! I CANT EXPLAIN HOW HAPPY I AM!! I also noticed you made the canvas turntable which I was going to write a forum post about today! AGAIN THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! AAAA


I second that.Thanks a lot.


Awesome! It's spectacular. Congrats on the launch and will spread the word! :)

Which Ipad because it is fine on my 10.5 pro.Also what the ipad itself is updated to will be useful I imagine.


are you sure the audio is fully updated? my flipaclip app is not having any options on audio. i don't have any of the in-app-purchases yet, but i'm pretty sure that my app is being wonky. hope there's a way to fix it and thanks if you respond.

Sorry took this long to respond... The update is fully released to Android and iOS users! Hope you got it already! :)


Hey, check this video that shows you how to add music to your animations:

what exactly are the options you are thinking of..?

Thanks all for your responses. i was having similar questions and your answers were helpful to me.

if you make a new animation theres a button on the bottom left with a music note on it! =)