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Copy/Paste 1 Layer

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Quick thing:

I'd love to copy/paste a certain layer to another layer (within the same frame & at the exact x&y position it is in the origin layer)

I do not mean to move layers as this wouldn't help when decreasing the opacity of it & all the other layers (that share the same hierarchy on the other frames.)

As mentioned before, I really really think having a turn on/off button that allows for each frame to have multiple layers that are not linked with all the layers within all frames would be a great addition, especially at the beginning stage of an animation sketch. 

Bump: Also I found out that copy/paste (only tested that from the timeline view) is ONLY doable between projects IF the new project where the copy should be pasted in, has the exact same amount of layers. While I can sense the idea behind it, copy/pasting should use the visible layers & for the paste merge these I guess.  

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Hey man,

Thanks for this, I really love your ideas :) I will be sending this over to the developers and lets see what they have to say about it :)

Thanks Dusan! It's really great to see someone working with/for the developers showing up around here frequently &  reacting to feedback/questions! 

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