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When drawing with pen line seems really light.

romain.villemaine 8 months ago in iOS updated by Dusan Kolic 8 months ago 6

Hi everyone. I used to work with flipaclip on a Samsung with the Spen. I recently got an iPad pro but the grey of the pencil seems really light (and I'm at 100% of opacity). Is there a way to get a line much darker?

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Could you please provide us with a screenshot so we can take a look at the issue?

Have you tried to enable pen sensitivity from under the FlipaClip settings and try pressing the pen a bit harder?

Hello and thank you for your answer,

Here is a snapshot of my ipad pro. I tested a pencil tool in flipaclip and in procreate (right part of the screen. Same result with other apps like photoshop sketch or sketch book). I don't expect the same sensitiviy of pressure of course but we can see that the pencil in procreate goes to full black with full pressure on the pen. It's not the case with flipaclip pencil: I still have a pretty light grey even with a hard pressure. WhIch makes the draws not strong enough. It would be really nice to have a much stronger grey, close to black when you are at 100% opacity (wich is the case on my test). after you can adjust opacity if you want a lighter one.

Other subject, it would be really great to have a new stroke with broadstrokes and finestrokes (third paint tool in samsung snote).

I'm one of the early fan of flipaclip and had the opportunity to chat with one of you before. I'm a tv cartoon director and i use flipaclip for rough storyboards. I don't know if what i ask is possible.

Thank you very much for your app !


Romain VIllemaine.

Hi Romain,

I am sorry for a late reply. What device are you using and which pen is it?

He said "IpadPro" + for the pen he certainly most likely use the ApplePen.

I've encountered the same but didn't think of it until now of being aware of it (I also use the IpadPro + ApplePen). 

It's easy to fix later on though with some Levels adjustments in any video/graphic programme.

Hi Dusan and nmw,

Thank you for your answers. Indeed it's Ipad pro with apple pencil. Indeed this issue could be fixed in premiere or after effect. But it would be much more simple to have directly a strong black in flipaclip, especially since the opacity option is available.

Well, i don't know if it's a big thing to fix, and if you have time for that, but it would be much appreciated :)

Thank you anyway,


Hey guys, thank you for your clarification :)

Would you mind providing a screenshot of a line drawn with your finger and with the pen?

I will be forwarding this to developers so they can take a look.