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Loaded videos not showing up

WolfMoon 11 months ago in iOS updated by Dusan Kolic 11 months ago 12

I loaded a video to make an animation and when it was done it didn’t show up! It only made a new layer and this particular animation was for Mother’s day! My mother is very upset and so am I. Fix this bug!

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We re really sorry for the inconvenience. Just to confirm I understand the issue correctly, you are trying to make a movie out of your animation but it is not showing up. Please answer below questions so we can assist you better :)

1. Is the movie showing in the gallery or in the movies section of FlipaClip?

2. Is this happening with all projects or only that particular one?

3. Make sure that you have enough free space on your storage.

4. Make sure that you have granted FlipaClip permission to access your storage.

Check this Google Support post that should help you out: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/6270602?hl=en

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no. I tried to input a video onto my animation but it didn’t show up. Only made a new layer.

it has nothing to do about the particular animation. It’s just that the video isn’t showing up. When I copy the empty page the video was supposed to show up on, and pasted it, it became a picture of the front of the video

Please do this.

1. Open your project

2. Press on 3 little circles icon in the top right

3. Press "add video"

4. Find your video and try to import it.

What happens next? Is there any error message?

What do you mean by it became a picture of the front of the video?

Also, have you tried with another video?

I did. All the steps. It worked with the first but I tried another and it didn’t work. I tried with another video and it didn’t work either. It definitely wasn’t an error message. It just didn’t work. It never made new frames either. Just made a new layer. I was curious, so I copied the frame where I tried inputting the video on. I pasted it, and it showed a part of the video. It was pretty strange.

Are you on Android? If so, please send us a bug report so we can check. 

Right after this issue happens (when you try to add video and it fails) go to FlipaClip settings (gear icon on the top left), then find “Debug” and click on “Bug Report”. It will generate a file that you will email to us.

In the email please include a link to this forum post and let me know here once you send it so we can find it easier :)



I’m pretty sure I’m not on android since I can’t find the debug part. The weird thing is, when I make a new animation and input the same video, it works. It’s not because I have too many layers already either. I only have two layers when I tried to input the video on my mother’s day animation, and I don’t want to delete my already made progress either. I’m pretty sure the max layers you can have without having to buy premium features is three layers?

Thanks for your update. I have forwarded all the info to the developers and they are going to take a look at the issue and get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for your patience :)


What are the project canvas size and fps setting? Also, how many layers does the project have?

it usually happening to me also..when i add some video layer and after finished to load..it just made a new layer and the video is nothing anywhere, simply just a new transparent layer..


What are the project canvas size and fps setting? Also, how many layers does the project have?

I have notified developers about this issue and they will take a look at it.

Thank you for your patience :)