How to make a transparent background on my image?

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When pasting an image from photos I want to crop out the background for example just wanting the body, only wanting that in the frame I would have to go all around with a stylist or my finger. Is there any way where it could automatically crop or make it as a transparent image?

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Hi, could you please share your images with us so we can try to reproduce the issue?


I have a lot of images with these problems and I’m even making more images with these problems so ya also were do I send the images to 

You have an option to add image here, please check the screenshot below:

ok so I can come back here and keep sending images cause I have a lot



Those pictures that you have uploaded do not have a transparent background so the issue is with images.

There are some free online tools that can make a transparent background on your images. One of those tools is 


I have just made a transparent background on one of your image so you can test it out.

onlinepngtools did not work for me have any other alternative solutions like a different transparent website 

I have the same problem too.

Even use a transparent png as background (I upload it below) , it change into a black background somehow.

What coulde I do if I want the GIF's background become tranparent?

it become black

that's my transparent png

Hi Marshall, the problem was with the image itself. I have made a transparent background for you and you can download it here: 

I tried and it is working fine on my side.

If you want your movie to have a transparent background also you need to export it as a PNQ Sequence.




But they will be seperate pictures, could't Flipa just export them as a gif and have transparent background? Then when I send the gif as a emoji through apps, it will not be so suqre.