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copy and paste problem

Coolpanda 11 months ago updated by Dusan Kolic 11 months ago 3

The copy and paste option has stopped working for one of my projects, is there a way to fix this??

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Would you mind being slightly more specific about the problem you are having so we can better understand how to fix this? Please elaborate a bit more and tell us what exactly are you trying to do and what is happening. 

What exactly are you trying to copy and paste and what is happening when you try to do it?

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When I try to copy one of my drawings to use on another frame it won't paste, I have gone to other projects it works fine it is only the one project that it won't work on. I have been using it for awhile and it suddenly working, I've tried restarting the app but it stays the same.

Thanks for your reply :)
Is there any error message that you are getting and what device do you use?
It would be great if you can record your screen and share with us here so we can reproduce the issue.