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Someone Real 9 months ago in Android updated by Dusan Kolic 9 months ago 1

Is this where I submit my feedback on the Flipaclip app? Or should I do that on Google Play?

I dunno, so I'll just post it here. Here's my complaint.

I use Flipaclip to animate, and I also use a program called Stick Nodes. I made an animation on Stick Nodes, and when I was done I imported the animation into Flipaclip to copy it there. But for some reason, Flipaclip doesnt import the whole animation, and it did this twice. Once, it only imported seven out of nine total frames, and the next time it imported four of the six total frames. Pleass fix this. Thank you.

Under review

Hello, can you please share the file you are trying to import with us so we can reproduce the issue? Thank you!