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Onion Skin Adjustments Alter Timeline Position

IanJTurner 3 months ago in Android / Beta • updated by Sofia 2 days ago 4

If you go to the Onion Skin settings page and make any adjustments to the amount of frames displayed or the amount of frames skipped, when you return to Stage view, you find that your position in the timeline has changed and you are now viewing a different frame.  It''s not a huge bug, but it's a bit of an inconvenience to have to manually teturn to the correct frame each time you make an Onion Skin adjustment.

Does that for me too! Sometimes it even does it randomly.

Under review


Is this happening every time you make the change?
Could you please try with the new project and see if this is happening?

If possible, please do a video recording of your screen showing the issue so we can understand it better :)


Yes, it is every time for me. I do not know for op.


I can’t make it any longer. It would exceed the maximum limit. I started on frame seven or eight, and after opening onion, it jumped back to one. Sometimes it goes back to the start, sometimes not, but unless it is at the beginning, it always goes backwards.