Why can I only insert a picture in the first frame.

Rieke il y a 11 mois dans Android mis à jour par Memesalot636 il y a 11 mois 1

Hey, I have the problem that I can't insert pictures in the second and third frame and so on. It always goes back to the first frame but I need the picture in all of the frames but in different positions.

Did you find a solution? Because I've had this happening to me, too. 

The only somewhat solution I've found is to copy the frame you need, then paste it behind the first frame (so it becomes the first frame)

Exit the project then reopen it

Put in the image you need

Copy the frame

Then paste it back where you need to be. 

It's a lengthy process, but it's the only solution right now that I can find, because others are having this problem too.