Project canvas size incorrect after update 1.3.6

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iPad Pro 2019, iOS 12.1.4

Screen size has switched from closing to opening the app independently from Vimeo to Tic Toc, and can not be adjusted in these projects. But titles and FPS are changing. Only the screen format remains without reaction. What can I do to save my projects?



We have fixed the issue! I apologize for the inconvenience guys! The update v 1.3.7 fixes the reported issues and is already available to everyone.


... I'll be in touch as soon as I'm in the States. Should you ever come to Berlin, let me know.

I do not live directly in Berlin, but we definitely find a good bar.

All the best for you 👍

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Hello! Thanks for writting. Could you explain a bit more? I don't think I'm understanding. Screen recording could help.

Yeah it looks like the update has ruined all my projects!! I'm in the middle of doing a big music video please tell me there is still a way to save them! All my files the aspect ratio is streched out super long when I open them and they were created as vimeo hd but now say they are tic toc files when I open them. The layers are show up messed up to and are not aligned anymore. Is there a way to go back to the last version to save I didn't realize my ipad was on automatic update and I need to get the working asap I'm on a deadline. 

It seems to be affecting only the vimeo HD files SD files are still the correct ratio, but I haven't tried drawing anything I'm afraid to mess up my files even more. I'm on an ipad pro iOsS 12.1.4  and it just updated to flip a clip 1.3.6. 

The thumbnails show the file ok but when I tried copying it shows up stretched out. 

When I create a new HD file it works. Maybe you guys added TicTok on this update and that's what messed it up? 

Please let me know if I can download the old app or what I can do to get my files working asap!! PLEASE. 

hallo zusammen, genau das ist auch mein riesen Problem, mehrer Projekte ( Musikvideos) angefangen, und jetzt das.

Ich kann nur hoffen, dass auf Hochtouren daran gearbeitet wird, ein update für flipaclip zu erstellen.

hello together, that's also my big problem, started several projects (music videos), and now that.
I can only hope that work is in progress on creating an update for flipaclip.

Hello, any update here? I need to finish this project in a few days! Can you send me a link to download the older app version?? PLEASE HELP. 

Yeah somehow the new update automatically changes your canvas size settings and messes them up - see the thread "Big Problem" 

Hallo Jona 🖖

im Apple- Support gibt es dafür noch keine Antwort,- mit dem Verweiss, dass der App- Betreiber sich um dieses Problem kümmern muss.

Deshalb meine Frage: Gibt es Hoffnung und lohnt sich das Warten ? oder muss man den Einkauf stornieren.

eine Stellungnahme zu diesem Problem wäre hilfreich

beste Grüsse, Steffen

Hello Jona 🖖

There is still no answer for this in Apple Support - with the reference that the app operator has to take care of this problem.
Therefore my question: Is there hope and worth the wait? or you have to cancel the purchase.
An opinion on this problem would be helpful
Best regards, Steffen


Thanks for reporting the issue. Working on a fix!! I have spotted the bug.

Oh good! Any idea how long it will take??


We have fixed the issue! I apologize for the inconvenience guys! The update v 1.3.7 fixes the reported issues and is already available to everyone.

hi jona 🖖, congratulations 

that all sounds very promising. I am not the brightest, but where can I load the new update. nothing has arrived yet in the appstore.

Update v1.3.7 was just approved and it's live! I'm thinking that it could be available now or in an hour or so... All depends on Apples's servers. :)

Thanks for your quick reply,

If all goes well, let's have a drink

good morning Jona

I have now downloaded the nee update. my projects are now back in the old form (vimeo) some frames at the beginning and end of the movies were still "oblique", - but could be deleted. Thank you very much for your dedication, good work.

in which bar ....?

Awesome! Thanks for letting me know! Drink sounds good! Any place in Miami would work! :D

Thank you for fixing so quickly! I started a new project on 1.3.6 if I upgrade to 1.3.7 will those files be formatted correctly still? You said "you will likely need to update the project background" will it lose resolution? 


You will be fine. There will be no loss of resolution! You are good to upgrade!