By deleting a layer on one frame, ALL my frames deleted!

Rebekkah Kattner (Wolfieskies2 11 months ago in iOS updated by Catie Stone 11 months ago 1 1 duplicate

I am REALLY upset about this; my project was going so well and it was nearly finished!!

It was layer one, and by removing it on one frame, ALL my 201 frames went BLANK. I was so close to screaming in shock at this. PLEASE, if possible, can this be changed to avoid this from happening to anyone else? I dont want to see anyone else go through this. T_T

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Ouch! Been there! 

That pesky old computing rule # one ... keep a recent backup to reduce loss.

The FlipaClip structure is 1 to 6 layers, each layer shared by all frames. To clear content of a layer on a specific frame without disturbing content on the rest of the frames, you must choose the layer, choose the frame, and use the eraser tool or the selection tool to wipe content from that layer in that frame.