How can I turn off notifications for contests on Android?

Hugh 1 year ago in Android updated 1 year ago 2

Hi there
I've been using the app for a little while now and have bought in to the premium features which were certainly worth it.
While I appreciate there will be many people interested in the contests you hold for Flipaclip, I personally have no interest/time for these myself.
As such I'm finding the constant update notifications on my Android device unnecessary and bother-some.

Sorry to sound like a grump but I don't like notifications, in principle. Flipaclip currently offers no way to turn them off, which is strange and frustrating when all i want to use it for is storyboard thumbnailing (which it is great at).

I would love to see an option to turn off contests in-app and to do away with the intrusive notifications.

(This option is for all apps) go to phone's settings, find apps, find flipaclip, click on the check mark asking to "show notifications" it should turn off notifications (Android Phone)

Ahh... ok thank you. I had totally forgotten about that method. It's been a while since I've installed a new apps.