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Audio lag

Chayse (CoolcidProd) 7 months ago in iOS • updated by Giorgio (Developer) 7 months ago 3

When I make my animation (with audio) a movie, the animation lags behind by a half second or shorter. It's enough to be noticeable, anyways.

Under review

Hi CoolcidProd, thanks for letting us know. In order to help you out and find the source of this bug, we would need more information from you. If you could answer these questions it would help us track and squash this bug.

What device do you have?
What OS version is it running?
What happened?
What did you expect to have happened?
What steps reproduce the issue?

I have an iPad Pro 10.5” running the newest iOS.

The audio moves forward by a small but noticeable window of time when I export my animation as a movie. The audio is perfectly fine when I play it while editing my animation, but when it’s exported, I have to go through a long process of moving the audio back. 

Hi CoolcidPro, that is an unfortunate bug. It would help us if you could back up your project and send it to use to examine it. Below you can find a tutorial video on how to backup your project. Once that is done, send us the backup project to the following email, flipaclip@visualblasters.com.