Could I get a bit of assistance with this?

Samaiya Williams 1 year ago in Android updated 1 year ago 2

I recently bought the full package of goodies from the premium area. I wanted to share my projects with a few friends.. But whenever I try, I can't seem to save the file in a way where I can use it.. It tells me that the file can't be opened, or it isn't a file type I can open.. 


If it was saved as .fc or something like that try using a different file manager that'll allow you to use different paths of opening. (Just leaving a small tutorial just in case you messed up)

•Hold project

•Back up↑

    ›you can find the file in the flipaclip folder saying "backups"

•Download/Receive file

•Open desired file with needed file manager

•File should be opening as a project, may ask for permission.