I have w little problem i cant rotate my animation. Do some one know what happend?

meleney drowned 1 year ago in Android updated by NNW 1 year ago 1

Do you want to rotate:

1) The full animation

2) The frame

3) A part of the frame


1) Export the full animation as video, rotate it in any Video Editing Software

2) Mark the full frame, see the handle and rotate by swipping it left/right

3) Mark the part of the frame you want to rotate, see the handle and rotate by swipping it left/right

-> Extra Note for 2 & 3: Be sure you are on the right layer and all the layers you want to rotate are merged (WATCH OUT THOUGH, merging two specific layers will merge them on all frames!)

4) None of the above - pls upload a screenshot and explain in more detail so the developers can see what's the issue/ any community member can help you fix your problem :)