Layer Opacity when merging & restoring deleted frames

Mlewna 1 year ago 0

okay sO

heres my suggestions:

-if you put a layer on lets say 40% opacity then merge it with the layer below which is 100%, the 40% layer will become 100%- i had to restart a map part that i had worked on for about 2 weeks due to that, so maybe if you could add a way to keep the opacity?

-ive also experienced an issue where i accidentally deleted a bunch of my frames in a huge project that i had worked on for about a month at the time and i didnt realize it until i got out of the view frames screen, and when i tried going back in there to undo it i couldnt click the undo button. maybe you could add a thing that saves the frames you add & delete so you can go back and forth, until you go out of the actual project kind of like the layers have.