Post YOUR finished Animation

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It would be cool to have a showcase of things that were animated with Flipaclip:

Reply with your Final Videos :)

Here's my first work done. A few weeks ago I was sent to Pictoplasma Animation Conference NYC by Booooooom's amazing creative community  & LOJEL. 

After the event, I animated the speaker's words of wisdom (if you are interested why the animations look like they look, you can read about it at https://www.booooooom.com/2018/11/30/out-about-with-lojel-pictoplasma-nyc-by-nino-werner/

If you have any questions about the progress feel free to ask :)


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More animations I did with FlipaClip. Backgrounds done in ProCreate & "Composition" in FinalCut :)

Let's make a gallery with animations done in FlipaClip ;)

This is really amazing :)

Good job NNW :)

woah! I wanna post but im kinda scared..

Hey @AdzukiSargentoo,

We are waiting for your animations :)

Yes! Show some of your work :) @AdzukiSargentoo 

yeah it will be great if we could post our work to flipaclip..showcase it ,react and comment and share..just like social media sites like Facebook,twitter,instagram, & Youtube.etc

Not sure about making a whole social media site for that but some form of curated gallery of animation done with flipaclip would certainly help newcomers see the potential of the app :)

Also I forgot these:
Animation done in FlipaClip, composing in Final Cut 


Awesome animations. 

Well done and keep up the great work. 


its so GREAT animation !!!! l like it ...cheers

i liked this idea so much..and i think if this happened already , flipaclip will be more famous more x 10000000..... sinces it will be like a social media where animator community will increases and interact with each other works,, comments on it or rate/react.. and when flipaclip have their contests..they can announce it there,, and they can post there work simply there..

i think it will be so hard if it will become social media,, so maybe just a gallery is so acceptable for me too..i liked it

Hey, check this forum post: https://support.flipaclip.us/communities/42/topics/3097-post-your-finished-animation

Feel free to upload your animations there, we would like to see them :)


Great animation, we would love to see more :)

Great work Robério !

Here's the Flipaclip Animation Workflow for the Gumball Animation I posted earlier:

Good morning! Here is the storyboard version of The Cave 2.0. A animated cartoon series I started working on a couple of months ago. Lost about 25 days, but wait, ..It's better if you read it yourself, the link is under the pics.I'LL update if there are any questions~A. Yobi B., The DIY Animator. There are 2 clips in the article. Tools: FlipAClip was 1st, then Autodesk Sketchbook and PS Sketch and Adobe Draw.

The Cave 2.0~ Plato's Allegory Updated for a Modern World, Episode 1, Enter Red, <----link to vid clips

my apologies for the presentation of an incomplete animation, it's my  1st animation ever and I started this art thing last May. No training so I am learning as I go. :)I do have another cartoon series i am developing that will alternate episode releases with this TC2.0; Street Fool