Constructive Feedback/ Suggestions from a Premium Buyer

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Hi FlipaClip Team :)

Recently got the new iPadPro and downloaded your app + bought the premium features.

I'm a professional animator and so far the app seems fantastic for lots of stuff. I made some good progress on a projects but stumbled upon a few things that are worth improving :)

Enclosed a list that I found in this very first week of using FlipaClip. I'm not sure how much you intend the app to be used for making animation films, but any of these things would definitely help there, but also for I guess most of you r users!

1) Layers 

--> when adding a layer on one frame it adds it on every other frame as well so far; this shouldn't be the case

--> when deleting a layer or merging two layers it does the same on every other frame as well; shouldn't be the case either

--> the total layer amount could be increased <3

2) GoBack

--> when deleting a frame, layer I can't undo that; pls consider changing that!

--> when deleting a layer or merging two layers it can't be undone; pls change that!

3) Positioning

--> Multiple frame/layer positioning. Let's say I want to position or rescale a few frames or layers together, it would be essential for a lot of time saving to do so. 

4) Rulers

--> Is there some way to type in the angle and position on the canvas the ruler should be placed at?

5) Positioning

--> Is there some way to center/ align the drawn material to the canvas size?

6) Text
--> Is there some way to edit the already placed text?

Would love to hear back!


A lot of these are problems I have had with FlipaClip too!

I only disagree with the layer adding - I think that should be an optional feature. i make long length animations and having to add a new layer every time im on a new frame is a huge pain. Otherwise, this is great feedback.


Thank you :) Forwarded the things I mentioned above + a few more ideas to the developers some time ago, let's see if they respond.

I understand your use with that, so ideally we have a switch on/off button for that layer mechanic :D (on=add a layer to all frames; off=add a layer to only the exact frame one is working on)


layers adding on every frame is how it is on most proffesional/non-professional animation programs lmao

7) Copy/ Paste:
Is it possible to add a copy paste of a full frame? (Copy/Paste the parts the visible layers of a frame)
8) Clipping Layers would rock as well!

There are multiple ways to copy paste a full frame and it's layers.

- Use Frames viewer to select a frame by press holding (Selecting multiple frames as well) and then pasting.

- You can also press on a frame in the lower part of the screen as is and copypaste.

Did you mean something else by this? 

You are right of course! Long day at work yesterday! For some reason I had that on a list of feedback, although I have actually used both of the methods you mentioned for a few projects already haha :D