Non-manual tweening

Ratha OwO 1 year ago updated by NNW 1 year ago 3

It is a HUGE hassle manually tweening, and it never even looks very good

Manually tweening is how you animate in any real animation programme. Time intensive- yes, but that's animation either way. If you want a computer to do the job I guess 2D animation shouldn't be something you should be interested in too much. I have yet to see a good automatic tweening in 2D drawings.

i understand, I was just wondering because the only program i have access to at the time is Flipaclip, because I used to have a youtube account on my laptop without permission and my parents found out. Sorry for using your time.

Oh I see! No worries! 

Try to draw the in-betweens yourself though :) This way your animation will look better and you will learn so much if you later want to do that for a living!