Picture doesn’t fit on frame

Rosiemeadows 1 year ago in iOS updated by NNW 1 year ago 2

Hello! I’ve been having this problem and it’s really been bugging me! So I prefer drawing on procreate for my frames since it has better brushes and the quality is better. When I go to insert my drawing into a frame it doesn’t fit onto it, even though the picture and frame are the exact same size. Someone please help me I’m not sure why this is happening.

not sure how to stop the cause,but that’s been happening to me too so what I do is use the circle cut thingy tool and press the right up button and drag it to the place I want it to be. Then I do the same with the other corners to make it where it needs to fit.

Practical time-saving advice:
If you create the frames in ProCreate anyway, merge them in Final Cut or any other video editing software (either on your computer, iPad etc) That's way easier to make them fit into Flipaclip I guess.