Can’t access created animations

Meatbulb (Mia) 12 months ago in iOS updated 12 months ago 4

So I don’t know why but when I enter the app, after the into, there’s a rectangular box where my work-in-progress animations are supposed to be. When I press the + button to make a new animation, I can enter the title, FPS, etc but when I choose “create project”, it says “There was an error saving project changes! e-215”. I kept closing it and goin got back in for about a week now but it just keeps happening.

you should try backing up your device or delete flipaclip and download it again,or copy and paste the message and try to figure out what it means on the web.

wouldn’t deleting it also remove all my animations?

Oh yeah.... what device do you use for flipaclip if it’s a ipad I think I can help you.