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Loss of Premium Features

boxofluff 4 months ago in Android • updated by Mao izuke yesterday at 2:45 p.m. 30 2 duplicates

Hello. My name is boxofluff and I have encountered a bug that I think cannot be fixed unless you developers mess with the app. But I bought the $5.99 Bundle for all premium features and once I have updated the app the premium features are gone.

And there is also no Restore button on (Android) my phone. So can I not get the features back? I do not want this to be a waste of my money. 

I contacted someone for the bug and they said to “Uninstall the app and check your accounts, download the app in the account you have purchased the features on And then they should be restored.” I did that exact thing and it didn’t work. Now I also have a loss of my hard worked projects. Please, fix this.

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Thank you for doing this! I also experienced the same problem and I hope flipacip developers fix it right away.


This is highly correct. The person also contacted me back and said I had to do those same things you just listed. It didn’t work. I just lost all my projects for no reason.


yeah, I was very angry when I saw that happened to me >=(

There are also too many ads. That’s the main reason why I bought it!


Omg yes!! Thanks u for putting this here!.

sí. esto también me pasó por alguna razón. No sé por qué ocurre este error por algún motivo, pero ahora no puedo agregar audio a mis memes de animación.

Ναί. ευχαριστώ.


Similar problem here. Purchased premium feature to be able to transfer projects to another device. I found now way to activate the premium features on the second device. I will initiate a refund if I cannot resolve this within days.


Now it works. The premium features show ticks. Maybe it needed some time to get in sync. Yesterday the features showed the price and when I tapped on it it said I already own it.


oh I am sorry the same thing happened to me as will 


I completely agree, this happened to me weeks ago and it’s very annoying since I wasted $5.99 on it, hopefully they’ll fix this.


yo también compré las funciones premium el noviembre pasado y nada a pasado, a mi pregunta me han respondido que busque ayuda en el forum, foro, y aquí estoy. Yo me pregunto porqué la respuesta y solución en el foro. Mi opinión es los responsables de estas fallan son los de Flipa Clip ya que son ellos los que cobran, o no?


Lamento que también hayas experimentado esta dificultad técnica. Me dijeron que eliminara la aplicación y la volviera a descargar, como dije como una solución a mi problema. Y acabé eliminando mis proyectos también. Junto con la pérdida de características premium. y sí, hay un trabajo para resolver estos errores que ocurren a lo largo de la aplicación. Pero decepcionantemente, no están haciendo nada al respecto.

I couldn’t buy premium features if i wanted to- and at this rate, i won’t bother.


I'm an animator on YouTuber and I've had this app before they added the new features like adding audio. My tablet broke and I got a new one just to download the app and find out that ALL of the hard work I did was gone and I couldn't find a way to get it back. I'm very sad my work is gone and disappointed in the creator and development team that they didn't think about putting a restore button in the app. If I can login to my YouTube and Facebook then there should have been a restore button because now the hard work of animators of this app can't continue the work they already had. Please fix this in someway!


Whats your yt? if i may ask


I also faced this problem a few days ago

all premium features are gone, only removing watermark feature that is still "working"


I also am needing the restore purchase to work.


i have the same problem. How can i solve it? 


yes I have the same problem, I want to restore a purchase and it won’t work! 😫

Send a message to the support

Have you ever made an account?

Not a bug

Hi Guys! I apologize for not catching this post earlier. Let's run by some important points to keep in mind.

  1. If you purchased something in FlipaClip is yours forever! 
  2. Google Play will automatically restore purchases no need for a restore button like the one in iOS.
  3. Make sure to install FlipaClip from the Google Play account that made the original purchase otherwise the purchases won't be available. Check out this post about Troubleshooting In-App purchases in Android.
  4. Reinstalling the app will cause all your projects to be LOST! There is no cloud backup option at the moment. You must backup your projects manually. So be very careful about that. Check out this post about How to backup your projects.
  5. Try clearing the Google Play app cache and restarting your device.
  6. Make sure to have the latest Google Play version installed.

The points above hopefully helps someone. In-app purchase issues in general have to do with internet connection issues or the Google Play app itself.


I did all the instructions as mentioned, i also contacted google assistance and they said to do the same but it doesn't work, could I have a refund?

The same thing happened to me. I bought all the features on December 25th. Then 1 week ago, when I tried to add a 4th layer on one of my projects, it told me to buy the features and displayed an error screen saying "Error retrieving information from the server. [DF-AA-20] " When I go to everything I've purchased on Google Play, it says I have already bought it. Please help us Flipaclip TwT


Yeah, I tried everything on the list to and nothing works. I just want a refund or my premium features back.

I'll be looking further into this issue. Anyone can please respond to confirm one thing.

What device model and Android version do you have?

This will help me know if you are running an official version of Google Play AppStore. There are some devices that aren't officially licensed and that could cause issues. Thanks!

    yea i also lost my premium features