I lost all my projects. When I went to create a new one, it said an error: e-213 I thought it said.

mad FC user DerpyWolfGirl 1 year ago updated by Infinity Spirit 11 months ago 2

I lost all my projects and an error popped up. It said: There was an error in saving project changes e-215. Please help me get my animations back! I have been working on one of them for over 2 months now! I DON’T want to lose my progress

did you ever hear back from anyone? We are having the same issue.

oh my god same. I was animating my first YouTube video and my iPad turned off. I was like ‘ok weired’ so I went back on it and all my movies were there but my projects were gone. I had all my digital drawings on there as well.ingore the bad animations there backwards from when I started a year ago.