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Add a Blur/Blend tool and an improved select tool

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okay, nobody is happier than I am about the recent updates with FlipaClip...

But I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t 100% sure it could be improved.

First thing I’ll address, is layers.

I’m a YouTube animator, and I try to put a ton of quality into animations, but I think more layers are needed for better animating.

For instance. Say I’m animating a cat. If it’s just one, then I could probably be able to get away with just animating one cat; needing one layer for sketching, outlining, color, shading, etc. However, if I were animating several cats, like one on top of the other or in front of another from an angle, then I would probably need several layers if they were both moving. If I were just animating them on the same layer then trying to animate the one behind another cat would be frustrating. It might look like that cat just got half of its body cut off or something. But if I had two layers I can animate that layer one at a time and animate the characters one at a time. I’m talking at least 5-10 more layers since I have sketch layers, lineart, and color that need to be done with separate characters.

As for the blur/blend tool, I think it would be nice just to have something to blur the edges of shading a little bit (like on a separated layer or just a blend if on the same layer.) So the edges of shadows don’t look so chunky and sharp.

Also, a select tool. Like, to select the inside of lines, or select multiple things inside lines. 

I’ll be random and use a Venn Diagram for example. You’d be able to select one part of the circle, outside or inside the lines, or even be able to select the whole inside of the outline, except what’s outside, even stuff that is separated by lines. It might be easier than the fill bucket, and the weird select tool we have now, although that’s useful for moving things around. It just would be easier to color in the lines that way.

Examples are the blur tool in MediBang Paint, and (I don’t know what it’s called) select tool, also in MediBang. Also, in MediBang, you can select an area, go down to another layer with that area still selected, and color in the outline, but still in a different layer than the outline. (It only selects things inside one outline though in MediBang, so that’s something that could be improved in FlipaClip!)

Thanks for listening to my long list of requests. I just figure this could be something to make the app even better for animators! (After all, it’s my go-to animating system, since it’s not overly complicated.)


Nice To Have

FlipaClip now supports adding up to 10 layers and Blur/Blend tool is something that we are currently looking into and will probably be adding in the near future :)

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Hi there! Interesting idea you've got there! I'll be forwarding this to our developers for further review! Thank you!


And, um, maybe a camera movement tool, as well. I feel like animations would come out a lot more polished if we could add camera movement to them.

Yeah the camera movement tool , essential for shaking scene or emphasizing movements..I agree with that idea

I think these kind of stuff is better suited for video editing programs. It would only add way too much complexity to this simple but great app and anyone who can use a video editing programme will do camera movement etc in another programme anyways.

It would be nice, though, because most free editing programs don’t allow camera movement (I’m sorry, iMovie) and we’d like to move the camera.

Nice To Have

FlipaClip now supports adding up to 10 layers and Blur/Blend tool is something that we are currently looking into and will probably be adding in the near future :)

I think Flipaclip need/must have camera movement tool because it is the best animation software now on playstore..


because the app called "Drawing Cartoons 2" have this features..& its great

like if you want to emphasize some movement with strength or you want to emphasize speed of the characters on your animation..it also helped for instantly change background position..etc.etc.etccc.....so i think if flipaclip have this is will be more awesome...!!!!

and the blur layer tool/blur pen too, & blend layer tool/blending pen tool is also nice to have..why??..because it will helps us in creating visual effect/superpower FX easily..makes animation stunningly Great!!!!

btw.. thanks for such a great app flipaclip!!!looking for your update