Anna2005k : Onion skin has not give advanced options

Anna2005k 1 year ago in Android updated 1 year ago 1

Anna2005k 18 hours ago


I enjoy flipa clip very much. A really Great app. Today i purchased pack of ALL advanced options together of last version for my android in hope for adjusting advanced options for onion skin . This last Version of flipa clip 


 But for my sorrow when pressed onion skin icon (in advertisement there shold be shown advanced popup with few scrollers and options of colours for onion skin) 

but instead it i only see shown usual most simple option that was there even before i purchased pack of advanced options: so It show only off /on onion skin and only possibility to see 1 frame forward not even back frames . Can you advice me what to do?

Ok...i understand now.so i can now answer myself: Onion skin options working only in horizontal state of screen. In vertical not