FlipaClip automatically deleting my frames

Snivy4000 1 year ago in Android updated by Maria “TFA” Kirilova 1 year ago 1

i was making the GRRRLS meme on FlipaClip, and I was so excited. It was so close to being done. I click the play button to see how it was doing, and it was really choppy. I tried again as sometimes FlipaClip is slow. I tried again and it did the same thing. I decided to look at my frames just to see FlipaClip automatically got rid of hundreds upon hundreds of them. The frames themselves were still there, but everything was erased. I worked so hard and long on this meme, and it was just destroyed, ruined, by something I didn't even do. 

this happened to me as well, but got me it was because of the small space that left on my device, so I deleted some programs and tried to restart it. It started working again. Please try this if you haven't.