MOST missing features from FlipAClip

Tristratos 1 year ago in iOS updated 1 year ago 1

The features I miss most from FlipAClip to consider it serious app are the following:

1) Proper instant sketching experience instead of a laggy one...(especially with Apple Pencil)

Unfortunately right now, on an iPad 12.9 1st gen, the user gets a lag that tries to approximate where Apple Pencil drawn instead wing the exact spot in real-time! This spoils not only the xperience, but also the sketches that the user is trying to draw (check sreengran from https://www.dropbox.com/s/ufd88f2zj8knpkq/flipAClip.mov?dl=0)

Other apps (like animatic and roughanimator on iOS with Apple Pencil,simply outperform in this regard FlipAClip.

WHY spoil the xperience ?

2) Ability to define frame holds and frame duration SIMULTANEOUSLY by scrubbing the audio accordingly 

In order to define proper timing, it is essential to be able to shuffle around drawin sketches according to the sound imported. The user HAS to be able to scrub audio and place frame sketches in certain areas to sync audio, and still be able to see the animation result WITHOUT having to draw all frame in between.

Let’s not try to reinvent the wheel here. Professional apps like toon boom, tvpaint animation, clipstudio etc, let the user define just the key sketches, place them at the spot needed and be able to check the result instantly.

Unfortunately, FlipAClip assumes that each frame has to be redrawn and as such for e,pty frames provides nothing instead. It is of vital importance to be able to see the previous drawn as soon as no other has been drawn in between 

3) Gestures basic support (two finger or undo and 3 finger tap for redo)

Nowadays it is considered a common practice in all modern apps to have at least the main gestures for undo (two finger tap) and redo (three fingers tap).

Why FlipAClip still falls behind ? Why having icons instead of that commonly used gesture (check affinity apps, procreate, etc)

Dear @Jona, Dear FlipAClip developers,

PLEASE let us know if these are features we should expect in a logical timeframe.

Your answers are highly appreciated

P.s. i would of course be glad to beta test those features, contribute and make FlipAClip shine!

@Jona/ @FlipAclip developers,

PLEASE enlighten us, as to what and when should we expect an update in regard to the aforementioned most missing features